Limitations and exclusions

For group policies

 All benefits are subject to limitations and exclusions as described in your Member Certificate and Schedule of Benefits. The following list is not exhaustive. For a complete listing refer to the Member Certificate and Schedule of Benefits.

 Non-covered Infertility services

  • Consultation for, or procedures in connection with, in vitro fertilization, embryo transplantation, and/or any other assistive reproductive technique (e.g. GIFT, ZIFT).
  • Reversal of voluntary sterilization and related procedures.
  • All charges or costs relating to donor sperm.
  • Services related to surrogacy.

Non-covered maternity services

  • Elective abortions.
  • Home or intended out of hospital deliveries.
  • Amniocentesis or CVS (Chorionic Villi Sampling) performed exclusively for sex determination.
  • Birthing classes.
  • Treatment, services, or supplies for a third party or nonmember traditional surrogate or gestational carrier.
  • Collection and storage of sperm and eggs outside the course of treatment for, and diagnosis of, infertility.

Non-covered outpatient physical, speech and occupational therapy

  • Long term and maintenance therapy.

Non-covered transplant services

  • Transplants and all related expenses, not outlined as covered procedures in the Member Certificate.
  • Services and supplies in connection with covered transplants unless prior authorized by the Medical Affairs Division.
  • Any experimental or investigational transplant or any other transplant-like technology not listed in the Member Certificate. Any resulting complications from these and any services and supplies related to such experimental or investigational transplantation or complications, including, but not limited to: high dose chemotherapy, radiation therapy or immunosuppressive drugs.
  • Transplants involving non-human or artificial organs.

General exclusions and limitations

  • Acupuncture, dry needling, and prolotherapy.
  • Autopsy.
  • Chelation therapy for atherosclerosis.
  • Coma Stimulation programs.
  • Court-ordered care, unless medically necessary and otherwise covered under this plan.
  • Cytotoxic testing and sublingual antigens in conjunction with allergy testing.
  • Dental or dental-related services, treatments, or procedures not specifically covered under the “Dental Services” subsection of this policy.
  • Dental implants. 
  • Orthognathic surgery, except for the treatment of TMD when prior authorized by our Medical Affairs Division.
  • Services required for administrative examinations such as employment, licensing, insurance, adoption, or participation in athletics.
  • Experimental or investigational services, treatments or procedures, and any related complications as determined by our Medical Affairs Division, unless coverage is required by state or federal law.
  • Services provided by members of the subscriber’s immediate family or any person residing with the subscriber.
  • Holistic medicine and any other form of alternative medicine.
  • Lyme disease vaccination.
  • Massage therapy.
  • Oral surgery, unless specifically covered under the policy.
  • Swim or pool therapy, unless prior authorization is obtained.
  • Services and supplies furnished by a government plan, hospital, or institution unless by law you must pay.
  • Items or services required as a result of war or any act of war, insurrection, riot, terrorism, or sustained while performing military service.
  • Podiatry services or routine foot care rendered in the absence of localized illness, injury, or symptoms in connection with, but not limited to: (a) the examination, treatment or removal of all or part of corns, calluses, hypertrophy or hyperplasia of the skin or subcutaneous tissues of the feet; (b) the cutting, trimming or other non-operative partial removal of toenails; (c) the treatment of flexible flat feet; or (d) for any treatment or services in connection with any of these.
  • Any services to the extent a member receives or is entitled to receive any benefits, settlement, award or damages for any reason of, or following any claim under, any Workers’ Compensation Act, employer’s liability insurance plan or similar law or act. 
  • Treatment, services, and supplies provided in connection with any illness or injury caused by: (a) a member’s engaging in an illegal occupation or (b) a member’s commission of, or an attempt to commit, a felony.
  • Treatment, services, and supplies provided to a member while the member is held or detained in custody of law enforcement officials, or imprisoned in a local, state or federal penal or correctional institution.
  • Hair analysis (unless lead or arsenic poisoning is suspected).
  • Obesity-related services, including any weight loss method, unless specifically covered under the policy.
  • All services or supplies provided in conjunction with the treatment of sexual dysfunction or sexual transformation, including, but not limited to, medications, surgical treatment, and injections.
  • Any hospital service or medical care not listed in the policy.
  • Outpatient prescription drugs, except those prescriptions otherwise covered under the policy.
  • Services and supplies rendered outside the scope of the provider’s license.
  • An expense incurred before the supply or service is actually provided unless prior approval is received.
  • Services or supplies for, or in connection with a non-covered procedure or service, including complications, regardless of when a non-covered procedure or service is or was performed, a denied authorization or a denied admission.
  • Services provided in conjunction with the diagnosis and treatment of infertility, unless specifically covered under the policy.
  • Treatment, services or supplies for a non-member traditional surrogate or gestational carrier.
  • All charges or costs exceeding a benefit maximum or maximum allowable fee where applicable.
  • Collection and storage of sperm and eggs outside the course of treatment for, and diagnosis of, infertility including for surrogacy or gestational carriers.
  • Oral nutrition.
  • Educational services, except for diabetic self-management classes.
  • Cosmetic services, including cosmetic surgery.
  • Replacement of an item if the item is lost, stolen, or unusable/nonfunctioning because of misuse, abuse, or neglect.
  • No coverage is available for missed appointment charges, or telephone consultation charges by or between providers.
  • Low-Level Light Therapy.
  • In-home behavioral health therapy services provided for the convenience of the member.
  • Laser treatment for Port Wine Stain (PWS) lesions, except on the face.
  • Items of convenience for a member or a member’s family.
  • Travel immunizations.