How to create your Living Healthy account

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Get instant access to wellness offerings powered by WebMD through your personalized Living Healthy portal. Create your account to access up to $150 in wellness rewards and much more.

Create New Account

  1. Log in to the Living Healthy portal using the button above.
  2. Enter your "Registration ID" in the Authentication and Security Information section:
    Authentication and security information
    Your “Registration ID” is your member number found on your member ID card, plus your gender and the last 4 digits of your Social Security Number. Please use your complete member ID including any leading zeroes and use M or F for gender. Do not include any dashes, slashes or spaces. You only need to enter this information once.
    member ID card
    Example for a female: 12345678901F9999
  3. Create your user name and password:
    Living Healthy screenshot for registering
  4. Enter your birthdate and email address:
    Living Healthy birthday and email screenshot
  5. Accept the Terms and Conditions in the Agreement section, then select Go:
    Living Healthy terms and conditions
  6. On the Registration page, answer if you’ve ever used a Personal Health Record at, then select Continue:
    Living Healthy registration page screenshot
  7. You can select topics of interest or opt in to receive e-newsletters from WebMD. You can change your settings at any time in the Living Healthy portal.
  8. Your registration is complete. You will be prompted to complete your health assessment first for an enhanced Living Healthy account experience.
If you have questions or issues creating an account, please contact WebMD Customer Service at 855.326.5096.