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Mothers & Babies

Pregnancy and having a newborn in the home can be an exciting time. It can also be stressful for a variety of reasons.

Most women experience stress during pregnancy and after delivery. For some, this stress is manageable. But for many women it can be overwhelming and can lead to depression, anxiety and challenges taking care of a new child. 

Mothers & Babies is a free, interactive program that helps pregnant women and postpartum moms manage stress and/or reduce symptoms of depression. Moms will always have the tools and skills they learn and can use them in many aspects of their lives. 

Mothers & Babies offers: 

  • Support for healthy communication, stress management and healthy bonding with your baby.
  • Helpful information about your pregnancy and your baby’s development. 
  • Strategies for paying attention to your mood.

Mothers & Babies is a nine-week program overseen by a health plan case manager. Weekly one-on-one sessions by phone are 20-25 minutes long.

To learn more, call the Customer Care Center and request behavioral health case management services. You can also sign up and one of our team members will contact you