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Group renewal and contract

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Prevea360 offers partnerships that last – and we make you our top priority

Select your appropriate renewal category: 

Need to make changes to your plan or contract?

Your account manager can help if you need to make any changes to your plan or contract at renewal time. If you elect to change your benefit plan design, all plan changes need to be requested and approved prior to your renewal or anniversary date.

Benefit upgrades are subject to review and approval.

Changing contract provisions

If you need to change any of your contract provisions, contact your Account Manager. Any approved changes become effective on the first of the month following the date we receive the request. All requests are subject to approval, such as: 

  •    New hire probationary period
  •    Return from lay-off
  •    Employee termination
  •    Rehire provision

Business structure or ownership changes

If your group has any ownership or business structure changes – such as mergers or acquisitions – notify your Account Manager immediately. Certain changes may require additional forms to be completed for our records.

You are responsible for notifying us within 10 days of a change in legal status, business expansion or dissolution, merger, buyout or other significant business changes. You must also notify us at least 90 days before additional employee segments are added as they are subject to our approval.