Agent licensing

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Work together with Prevea360 Health Plan to help your business grow and succeed—and to help your clients with their health.

Prevea360 reviews applications on a monthly basis for new contracts with agencies, brokers, and sole proprietors. We have improved our application process for a better user experience and new web applications are available below.

To become a prospective Prevea360 Health Plan agency or add a new agent to your license, choose the appropriate option below.

New agency (brokerage)

Apply for a contract with Prevea360 & establish an account to appoint multiple agents under your agency.

Sole proprietor

Use this online application to apply for contracting if you are a licensed agent doing business independently.

Agent application

Use this online application if you need to add new agents to your agency or brokerage account.

Medicare Advantage Part D certification

Sign up to become a certified Medicare Advantage Part D agent.