Prevea corporate health & wellness

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The importance of wellness

Greater productivity, increased employee morale and lower absenteeism are just a few outcomes of a comprehensive wellness program, contributing to the overall success of your organization. With Prevea360 Health Plan, you have access to Prevea Corporate Health and Wellness, featuring workplace education, fitness programming, medical programming and dedicated wellness centers.

No matter your organization's health and wellness needs, Prevea360 and the Prevea Corporate Health and Wellness team will work with you to develop a custom program that delivers results.

It's your employees' health. Your bottom line. Let's get after it. 

High-quality health care right at your workplace

Whether onsite (at your workplace) or near-site (near your location), access to a Prevea wellness center makes quality health care highly affordable and convenient for your employees and their dependents. A dedicated nurse practitioner provides many primary care services.

The option to incorporate wellness centers in your health plan is part of the package for Prevea360 employers groups with more than 100 employees.

Learn more about our group plans and Prevea Corporate Health and Wellness offerings at 877-230-7615 or